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Mental Illness- Through Eyes Of Those Affected

Links for Educators Nation Wide

Stories & Advice From Those Who Know
Kid's Zone
Support Organizations - All forms of Mental Illness
What Parents Should Look For If You Suspect Mental Illness In Your Child
Up To Date News & Information
Education for Parents & Educators Regarding Mental Illness
Links for Educators Nation Wide
Free & Low Cost Prescription Resources
Working Alternative Possibilites into Treamtent Plans
What Exactly Are "Reasonable Accommodations?"
What Are Your Rights?
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Mental Health Resources
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School Psychology Resources Online

Changes in IDEA Act 2004- Taking Effect July 1,2005

This page will contain links for assistance to educators nation wide, to assist them in understanding mental illness with students and how they can help themselves have a much better educator / student / parent experience.
Newer links will be placed at the top.  Visit this page often for new information.

IRIS THE DRAGON FOR THE CLASSROOM Iris's Workbook is a guide to help teachers understand mental illness in children and provide the tools and resources to help assist these children in the classroom. Teachers play an important role in the first line offense of mental illness in children. In being able to identify the early warning symptoms, it is Iris's hope that we can reduce the stigma and improve the quality of life for such children.

The All I Need- A Place To Educate yourself & Direct Parents Regarding Early Detection of Mental Illness.

Families On The Brink: The Impact of Ignoring Children With Serious Mental Illness

Education Law- Requirements for School Districts and Educators

Article: Current Issues in Education Functional Behavioral Assessment: The Link Between Problem Behavior and Effective Intervention in Schools

Healthy Bipolar Community

Health Sciences Library System

National Mental Health Information Center

National Institute For Mental Health

Child Welfare Legue of America

Child & Adolecent Bipolar Foundation

What's it Like for Children With OCD?

Brochures and Materials for the Classroom Regarding Mental Illness.

Mental Health Matters- A comprehensive list of Mental Disabilities & Disorders.



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