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So many who suffer any sort of mental illness, find it extremely difficult to work in corporate America. 
Personally I have been working from home for nearly 17 years, well before employers even considered allowing employees to work from home.  I had to work from home because I myself, suffered severe depression and eventually, my son began to ( and still ) suffer(s) from OCD, Bipolar Disorder & ADHD, at least that's all of the diagnosies for now.
Now, telecommuting is becoming more and more the norm, if you will, for people of all walks of life.
Here you will find many companies who hire people to work from home.  It is their preference as a matter of fact.
I will also include links to other sites who do nothing but search for reliable work from home positions on the internet.  These are sites that I have personal experience with and know well that they are doing all that they can to assure that those who visit their sites aren't scammed.
You wouldn't be expected to pay to work in an office or any other profession, you won't have to pay for reliable positions in the telecommuting world either.
Please contact me if you have any questions or there is any way I can help you get where you want to go. 
These listing will be updated on a weekly basis.

Work From Home Resources
These work from home links below are all VERY reliable sources. One of the best places to locate work from home positions of all types from Attorney's and Executive positions to Telecommuting assistants, Customer Service Reps, to Marketing positions of all types.
Please remember to never pay a penny to anyone for work.  If you are asked for any sort of "fee" for training materials, software anything else, don't bother, it's more than most likely a scam NOT a work from home job.

Weekly Updated Job Listings at

Telecommuting Moms ( and Dads )Message Board at WAHM.COM

Dion Data - Data Entry


Palm Coast Data

Working Solutions

Net Transcripts

Ametryne Associates

Cypher Services


Cyber Secretaries

Discount Document Services


Executive Secretaries

Connect Plus

Oracle Transcriptions

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-- Henry David Thoreau, "Walden," 1854

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