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The Summit Take Over! Metaphysics Gathering September 3-5, 2004
How Do I KNOW This Isn't A Bunch Of Crap? ...

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How Do I KNOW This Isn't A Bunch Of Crap? ...
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and you aren't here just to take my money and run?

If you are new to this group of people, it is easy to question my motives, I understand this.  You would be wise to check out my information so that you will feel safe and know I am not here to do anything more than put together, yet another, wonderful Metaphysics Gathering.
You can begin by contacting some of the people in the Metaphysics Chatroom on AOL.
Secondly, you may contact The Summit in Brown Summit, NC to check the booking.  Here is the information you need to get to them...
The Summit Conference Center
339 Conference Center Drive
Brown Summit, NC
You may ask anyone there who answers the phone where you may get information about the 2004 Metaphysics Gathering.  Anyone should be able to give you the information you require.
I am here to give you my information. 
Jacqueline Rider
115 Yester Oaks Way East
Greensboro, NC 27455
If paying by check or money order, this is where you will send your reservation.
Here is a number where you can find me if you would like to speak to me via telephone.  336-545-1850.  This phone is in my home, however it is my business line.  I work from a home office as well.  I can be contacted here between 9&5 EST, sometimes later.  The reason I am giving you this number is I would like to maintain some degree of sanity, while I am organizing this.
You have no idea how crazy it will get for me, so I am limiting my calls with this telephone number.  If you call when I am not in, please leave your phone number, name and/or screen name and I will call you back as soon as I am available again.  Please remember, you may call when I am on the phone with my job as well, so you may put directly in my e mail.  Please leave a message and I WILL get back to you.
I have nothing but good intentions for all, I assure you.  I have organized two of these gatherings in the recent years and in the same place.  Please feel free to do all of the investigation needed.  It's important to me that you feel safe.

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