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The Summit Take Over! Metaphysics Gathering September 3-5, 2004
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One of the best things about having Metaphysics Gatherings at The Summit are the amazing ALL INCLUSIVE prices for an incredible weekend in North Carolina!  You will be absolutely amazed at what you will get for the money you will spend for this weekend.  Best of ALL, all you will need to bring is yourself and what &/or who YOU choose to bring with you!

When you attend the 2004 Metaphysics Gathering everything will be set up for you.  All you need to do is secure your reservation with payment and relax.  The Summit Staff and well, a few kind Metas will take care of the rest!
Here is what your paid reservation will include when you are here:
Private, or shared, motel room with private bath & A/C OR
Cabin accommodations with bunk beds or Cots if you prefer, 2 showers are available in each cabin.  Each cabin can sleep up to 8 guests. OR
You may camp near the lake if you purchase the weekend camping package, showers for campers will be provided in the gym by the swimming pool.
ALL packages will include:
Snacks in the youth building upon your arrival ( 3:00 Check in), fruits, veggies, cookies, crackers, tea, coffee, sodas, juices etc...
Buffet Dinner at 6:00 PM on Friday
8:00 Will be the first Meta "Gathering" ( party) To include wonderful fruit trays, chips, dips etc, plenty of cocktails of your choice of what is available ( If you have preferences, bring it with you, I cannot gaurantee you will have what you want, I will do my best)  Juices, Sodas, etc..  Music, hopefully some live entertainment, the list goes on and on.
That will continue until we all drop LOL!  We do prefer you drop in your beds.  hahaaaa!
We will be having a Bon Fire in the field accross from the youth building on Friday night complete with Smores and well, anything else you wanna roast HAHAA!... ( Please note: No human sacrifices!) LOL!
8:00 AM Breakfast Buffet.  If you choose to sleep through breakfast, you may pick up something light at the main youth building at 10:00 AM ... Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, danish or muffins, you know the drill <g>
12:00 Noon Buffet Lunch- We will have plenty of options for veggie heads on ALL buffets!
3:00 PM An Ice Cream & Cookie gig, you can build your own sundae or cone. That will be held in the dinning facility in the main building.
6:00 PM a wonderful buffet dinner prepared by Aubert2 & His WONDERFUL kitchen staff!  They love us so much they always go above and beyond the call of duty!
8:00 The Mystics Ball, back again to the Youth Building,  Enjoy the decorations, music, cocktails, trays and yummies, basically an elevated repeat of your arrival night.  That will again, go on until we can't go anymore.
The Final Day, you will have a buffet breakfast again at 8:00 AM, we will provide the light thing again at 10:00 AM
12:00 A buffet lunch will  be provided and we must be gone from The Summit by 3:00 PM
With ANY of the above options, EVERYONE will have access to ALL Summit facilities, the pool will still be open for swimming, and there is plenty more available, ( see Ammenitites)
Enjoy!  There will be no other gathering so wonderful for the prices, trust me on this one :)

The Pricing for the gathering is Per Person. Not Per Room.  Each person must have a reservation paid within 30 days from the date of the gathering.  THESE PRICES ARE ALL INCLUSIVE FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND Yes, pay only one price this is NOT Per day!! This IS the entire weekend price!
Pricing is as follows:
Adults ages 16 and over-
Adult Private accommodations in a motel room 210.00 for the entire weekend package.
Adult shared motel rooms (double occupancy) 180.00 for the entire weekend package.
Adult Cabin Accommodations 160.00 for the entire weekend package.
Adult Campers 125.00 for the entire weekend package.
Youth Prices ( ages 6 to 15)
Youth Motel Room Shared with Parents/Gaurdians 150.00 per child for the entire weekend package.
Youth Cabin accommodations 120.00 per youth for the entire weekend package.
Youth Campers  - 95.00 entire weekend Package.
Day Trippers
( includes all access to all facilities while you are at The Summit, parties and anything happening at The Gathering)
ADULTS (16 & over)
Friday the 3d -Dinner Only - 50.00 per person per day, includes Dinner Buffet, Meta Party ( Fri or Sat)
All 3 Meals on Saturday & Mystics Ball  80.00
Sunday all ages 1 meal and snacks -20.00 per person 6 & up...9 AM to 3PM
If you would like to come and check into The Summit a day or two earlier, or you would like to remain at The Summit a day or two later, you will have to pay per day.  The cost is 70.00 per day for double occupancy and 90.00 for private. THIS DOES INCLUDE BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER BUFFETS.
If this is something you would like to do, you must ad that amount times the extra days you would like to be there, please tack that amount on to your weekend reservation prices and specify to me which days you would like to reserve before or after the gathering dates.  I will be more than happy to make those arrangements for you.

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