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The Summit Take Over! Metaphysics Gathering September 3-5, 2004

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Hi everyone :)
    I come to your email box today with some great news!  Since the  September meta meet in North Carolina at the Summit in 2001 people have been asking me when I was going to put some of my meditations on CD.   Well guess what?   The time has come.
   Tonite if all goes as planned  I will be recording my demo Meditation CD.   If it goes as well as I expect it to it will be a pre-cursor to  my first professional CD up for sale.   No matter how it works out it will be a labor of love for/from myself and all who wish to travel through that journey with me.
   All those on my list get first dibs at copies if you want one.  I will as well be giving some out at the Sept Meta Meet in  NC that Mehdique is so lovingly willing to host again.
    If you are at all interested  please send me an email in the near future with your name and addy on it.   This CD will not be ready asap but it will be ready soon.  

This is A very excited Nrg :)

Hi ya'll  :)
   ok,  I have been giving this a bit of thought but not a the specific focus'd thinking that needs to be done to come up with
the most beneficial way to release and transform the feeling
of powerlessness to that of  true inner power......  this might be
done in steps  or  in one process,,,I am thinking it will depend on the individual and I would not want to make it too generic , seriously that is boring and puts people to sleep doesnt heal.
Healing comes from creating....that is why creative visualization works so very well.  It can in this process especially if combined with some energy work which I would be honored to do,,,working with your centers to help ease any blocks .....  
  the most important thing I want you two to ask yourselves is this.
Am I truly ready to do the honest work with myself to grow from these emotions and free myself from them and honor them ? 
    this sounds easy but I want you to truly think of will help in the process.... dont just think of it once but  often as sept draws near.   sounds like a long time away from now but look january fleeted by already.
    I want you both to know that at any time you feel you dont want to do this (up to the starting point, then it could be 'dangerous' to simply stop mid stream)  say the word and we do not have to. 
You have a lot of control in this... all I will do is guide and aide via energy.     We can do it in a small group  or a large one,,, i think personal sessions would end up taking a lot of time  but we can see into that as well.    the key is  that all too important 'safety' zone...   we require these to do the hardest work of all.....   the scariest.   the harshest....   and often these are our biggest growth and awakening experiences.   My sisters eyes changed colors for a week after her release.....  it was primal and full of love.  I wish you guys couldve seen all the meta women collect around her like a flower pulling up its petals.    it was spontaneous and one of the most beautiful things I have experienced ever.   Ask anyone who was there, I doubt  any of them would say different.  ;)
I speak of this to show that I have seen these types of releases work.    :)    I have also seen the backlash that can happen if the internal work doesnt continue after the initial cleanse....  it is so easy to restock those places we just emptied with the same goods ...comfort food for the ego shall we say?   lol    so  truly it is a life altering experience.    one worth  your thoughts....( not that I dont think you have not thought of it,,, I trust that you have.... just humor me LOL  and keep thinking of it.   I want you POSITIVE when we do this.   and keep in mind....there is no failure in release..
it happens often in its time and not our ego's time....  
this will be an opening  we give ourselves to let go ..... and be reborn.

what do you think?  

Art work provided by Emery Bear


it is before dawn
A grocery store is bustling
parking spaces are all full

A cart bangs into my door.

I walk into the store
I am bumped
shoved and ignored

Thanksgiving day

I tug at all the bags in the car
the plastic digs into my palms

a hole develops and yams
spill out into the curb

I walk up the walk
as if I were in training
carrying ten plastic bags
full of digestive offerings

Thanksgiving day

I make it to the kitchen
put down all the broken bags

go about collecting the escapee's
and replacing them within the cabinets

Thanksgiving day.....

I sit and look around my home
it is empty at this moment

The sun is rising and color starts to wash
through the builiding and
light dances

suddenly broken plastic bags
shuffling lost produce
and being shoved in a store vanish.

the light dances across my rooms
I watch it...

and my shadows become illuminated

I am thankful

Thanksgiving day....

Sharon Schwengler

Art work provided by Emery Bear


People all over the US are thinking about
turkey's and family gatherings and football.

I am thinking of family but in a different way
than I ever have before.

I am thankful for life.
For the expereince to simply be here.
To be able to interact with myself via
all these faces before me.

I am thankful that I may touch the soul
of God simply by hugging a struggling

I am thankful that the soul of God
touches me through the email of a
stranger offering kindness to me

I am thankful that I am a Soul of God
bright and shiny and deep and mysterious

I am thankful that life is the Soul of God
a vast and beautiful ocean
that can be calm or stormy
beautiful and scary
empty and full

I am thankful that
I can feel at a deep place within
me the suffering of others
to the point that it drives me
forth to heal and help.

I am thankful for each lesson
in compassion,
that I myself may be able
to rise above all strife

Each day is a blessing
each moment a life

for this moment
in this now
I am thankful
for my life.
and all that means
to you
and to me.

Thanksgiving doesnt come just once a year
it is in the moment
in the grace of ONE

I am eternally grateful
Sharon Schwengler

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