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Metaphysics Gathering Place

We Want To See Your Stuff!

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We Want To See Your Stuff!
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2004 Metaphysics Gathering in NC

Send us links to your web page!

If you have a web page displaying your art, poetry, craftsmanship, ANYTHING... We would love to see it!  This is a great place for us all to be able to see what sort of people we may expect to see at The Gathering in 2004!  Send your link(s) we will place them here!
Please send your links to Mehdique@AOL.COM or  MetaBash2004@AOL.COM   We will get them on this page right away!
Check out Treehousepixie's web site!  Thanks Brook, so much, for sharing! 

Hey!  Take a look!  Crystal Hunting will be back again with all of his wonderful stones and hand crafted jewelry for sale!  I have some of the wonderful things that he gifted Aubie and I, some of which was donated to some of the local schools.  They were so greatly appreciated and are still mounted and being used!
Below are some pictures of what you will be able to expect to see at The Gathering!  Keep in mind, this doesn't even scratch the surface :)  The man is amazing!  Thanks much for sharing Crystal!! BTW if you would like information on anything you see here, please send e mail to