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Metaphysics Gathering Place

And MORE Summit Pictures!

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And MORE Summit Pictures!
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2004 Metaphysics Gathering in NC

I hope you're getting a feel for this beautiful place!

Here is a great picture of the new board walk that has been perfected at The Summit.  It's used for not only education, but simple enjoyment.  The boardwalk ends at a small portion of the Haw River.  You would have the opportunity to experience the wet lands here and well, remain dry lol!!

Amenities include:

* Eight separate meeting areas - many with fireplaces
* Forty-seven double rooms with private baths
* "The Treehouse Train" - an eighty bed dormitory facility (AKA Cabins)
* Tennis courts
* Hiking and jogging trails
* Meandering boardwalk leading to the Haw River
* Canoeing and fishing
* Six acre lake
* Full-sized gymnasium
* Picnic pavilion
* Swimming pool
* Softball, horseshoes, basketball, and volleyball



This place gets better by the day! 

If you have any questions regarding Metaphysics Gathering 2004, please contact me at   I will be happy to assist in any way I can :)



Look for more photos as they come available!

This is an outside view of the cabins. They sit exactly opposite of the Youth Building where we will be holding our parties and gatherings.  They are also called "The Treehouse Train."  Please be advised that Step and Wiz will direct all activities taking place on the front porch of the Cabins LOL!  Your thrones await you WiznStep LOL

This is a little tiny portion of The Summit's 6 acre lake, early in the morning :)  All the lakes around here have this beautiful mist lingering over them in the morning, it's amazing! 
Here you will find canoues and row boats, you are welcome to access as part of your stay!  You are welcome to fish here as well, so if you want to, please feel free to bring your fishing gear :)
There is also a screen house where you can sit inside at the picnic tables and a BBQ pit.

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