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Metaphysics Gathering Place


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To my family &
My extended Meta family,

It is with great joy in my heart that I announce
that me and my dear friend Niki have joined forces
and have decided to 'go into business' together.
We are opening our own place very soon, got the keys
last night and we start work on the place today.

A brief synopsis
goal: to establish a central center for those in need
of a Metaphysical/spiritual place to rest and revitalize, to go deep within and heal, touch and keep palaver with the inner temple of the self.
To KNOW the power of the self-- that which is

Mission 1: to be a healing source for all in need
Mission 2: to be a creative outlet for me and Niki both-
sending out our energies into the cosmos for the higher good of the All
Mission 3: create a healing space for body mind and soul.

We will be offering a variety of services from body movement classes, to Reiki sessions and attunements.
Numerology, astrology and energy readings
Karmic/consciousness path understandings via spiritual counseling
Meditation classes and group circles where we will
focus on the awakening group consciousness, And more..

This is simply a snap shot of what we are putting together.
And in the birthing process can change.
When we have our official opening I will send out
in more detail what we are all about.
We welcome you all to stop by,
those whom live out of town,,, you know already
My door is open to you always.
The  center's name is
Star of The Magi
Our address is suite 501
in the Water street Center
at 505 Water street.
right behind the colisium next door to
Yin and Yang Fandango
please help us spread the word.

peace in love
Rev. Shar*