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Metaphysics Gathering Place

Donate To Sponsor Others

Donate To Sponsor Others
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2004 Metaphysics Gathering in NC

                 "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"
                                            ~James Keller~
Please Help Us Bring Metas Who Cannot Come Without Our Help
Please watch this page to see how many have been reserved and how much more may be needed to assist in bringing others.  Any assistance you could offer will be so appreciated.

Times are difficult for all of us these days. Some of us have been affected more than others.
If you would like to sponsor someone else who cannot afford to come without us, you will be forever blessed and appreciated.
There are a few ways this may be accomplished.
1. You may sponsor the person with their knowledge.  Make a reservation for them when you make yours or let them know you are sponsoring them.  When you make their reservation please give me the name and screen name of the person you are sponsoring and they will be reserved for the weekend.
2.You may decide you would like to sponsor someone anonymously.  In 2002 Metas brought 9 NINE people to the gathering who could not afford to come without assistance!
If you would like to send someone anonymously, you may send the reservation to me.  I will send them an e mail letting them know that they have been sponsored to attend the gathering and that they are reserved for the weekend.  I will not place your name in the e mail and they will never know who sponsored them.
3.  You may donate a reservation or a small amount of money to be pooled to bring Metas who cannot afford to come.  I will reserve their space and let them know they have been sponsored by Metaphysics Donors to come to The Gathering.  No Donation Is Too Small!  Collectively, we have managed, as I said, 9 sponsored people in 2002.  Please consider sending a small donation with your reservation.

If you feel you would be one that would like to come, but cannot afford to come and would like to participate in this gathering, please send me an e mail at or   I will do all I can to get you a place at Metaphysics Gathering 2004
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Thank you SO much!