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Metaphysics Gathering Place

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2004 Metaphysics Gathering in NC

Silence of lips is better and more wonderful than any edifying conversation.
Strive to acquire humility and submissiveness.
Never insist that anything should be according to your will, for this gives birth to anger.
Do not judge or humiliate anyone, for this gives birth to anger.
Do not judge or humiliate anyone, for this exhausts the heart and blinds the mind,
and thereon leads to negligence and makes the heart unfeeling.

St.Barsanuphius and St.John
A Gift For You :)
October 1, 2004
It's Written In The Sky
Cloud Reading

Most people, even if only as children, have spent time lying on the grass on a summer's day looking up into the sky and imagining they could see a dragon, a boat, or a great bird in the clouds. Cloud reading is an extension of this simple, relaxing joy and can be a unique and enjoyable path to greater understanding. The shapes and details you find important as you meditatively gaze into a bank of clouds will often be symbolic of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Subconsciously, your mind will seek out certain imagery within the cloud formations that may reveal veiled thoughts or answers to questions long pondered.

The images we perceive are symbols and symbols tend to have meaning, even if we are unaware of that meaning. On a day with thick clouds, find a quiet, open place to lie back and relax. Let the clouds drift across your vision. Don't focus on any one cloud; instead, let the images come as they may. Perhaps you see a powerful, galloping horse flying in the wind. It could be a symbol of strength and speed, or a race yet to be finished. A bird can have many meanings, but it most often indicates a desire for achievement. Remember to be flexible and to use your intuition and imagination when interpreting the images you see. Some practitioners of cloud reading believe that the color or colors represented in the image also have meaning. Light, or white, clouds are seen as a positive omen, while darker clouds have more portentous connotations. Pink might be a new beginning, while red could reveal powerful, overwhelming changes.

Although throughout history images of religious or political significance have been seen in the clouds, there is no need to expect great revelations. The clouds, and what you see in them, are like celestial art, and the simple act of watching those changing portraits and landscapes in the sky can be in itself a soul stirring experience.

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Although this has been a web site made specifically for Metaphysics Gatherings at The Summit in NC.  It is now open to all to post Meta Gatherings being held around the country or even around the world, large or small. 

Remember, it doesn't matter if 2 or 200 show up to gather in one place for respite and healing.  It only matters that it happens.  There are no failed gathering, as what should be, will be.  Use this site as you will. 

I will have to post your information from this end, so please, feel free to send all of your information as often as you need to and I will see to it that it gets posted here.

If you have special prayer requests or announcements I will post them, all you need to do is send them.  In the meantime, I will continue to maintain this site.  I will pay to keep it ad free so it will be an enjoyable place to be.  I will add a message board soon for all to participate in. Something else to look forward to.

Even if we cannot gather in person, we will still have a peaceful place to share whatever we wish.  It's your site, so enjoy it as you wish.  Pass it on to anyone who would like to have it.  And if anyone would like to be placed on the mailing list for it, please send me an e mail address and you shall be added or removed as you wish.

I will change the content often, so please come back and enjoy it as often as you wish.

If you would like to place a link to your web site here, send it and I will place it on the web site free of charge.

Reach out to one another, enjoy and love one another.  Remember, we belong to each other.


Dragon's Faire


Above is an arial view of  The Summit.  200 Acres of beautiful protected trees and wildlife.